Chris Hedges and Lee Camp: Shutting Down RT, Sanctions and Ukraine Crisis

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with Chris Hedges and Lee Camp

“Because we’re calling out these elites for their hypocrisy, their cynicism, their mendacity, their corruption, that’s why. So this gave the deep state the excuse to shut it down. It’s kind of ridiculous because RT had a very tiny media footprint, it’s not like we were reaching particularly large numbers of the American public.” — Chris Hedges

MintPressNews on Mar 10, 2022

Chris Hedges Calls Out Prisons, Congress Overturns Legalization, Lee Camp Joins

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Screenshot by Dandelion Salad via Flickr
Watch the video below

Sabby Sabs on Mar 14, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Lee Camp: Shutting Down RT, Sanctions and Ukraine Crisis

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  10. I don’t want to hear anyone from the west ever talk about freedom of the press. A few friends who I did work with in broadcasting have had their voices silenced. You can find some of RT’s videos on the Rumble website.

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  12. The arrogance of authoritarian regimes is revealed by their paranoia.
    Truth makes em tremble.
    In fear.

    • Both videos work. Try refreshing the screen.

      I used both a West Coast, USA and a Canada proxy to watch the videos.

      Make sure you are clicking on the videos and not the screenshot pictures I made for the post.

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