End the U.S. Wars Rally: Dennis Kucinich: These Wars Are Corrupting…our Nation!

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December 12, 2009

On Sat., Dec. 12, 2009, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) was one of the featured speakers at the emergency End-the-U.S.-Wars rally. See for background: http://www.enduswars.org/ The event was held in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House. Rep. Kucinich has acted as the conscience of the House of Representatives in opposing U.S. wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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17 thoughts on “End the U.S. Wars Rally: Dennis Kucinich: These Wars Are Corrupting…our Nation!

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  6. Don’t be fooled by ANY politician. Maybe some want to do good, but not ONE would jeopardize their career or life for the good of this country….Kucinich included.

    Every politician is given one and only one chance to join the “fold”, and thus cooperate with the powers that be. If they fucked that up….they DO NOT get re-elected and/or they get zero committee assignments.

    There are no good politicians. They are corrupt because the system is designed by corrupt men for corrupt affairs. It can be no other way. The system needs to be changed.

    All of Congress needs to be charged with treason, fraud, and NOT upholding the constitution. Who will bring them justice? The military? The people?

    Nothing will happen in Amerika. Do you know why? Because its every man for himself. There is no longer an unity…any chance of forming a strong coalition of people that can be focused on the primary issue. Americans have been dumbed down. The majority drink the kool aid, and the dirty work of our government by supporting policies blindly and faithfully. There idiots and nothing will change that scenario.

    Your best bet is to get out of the country while you can. Greenland sounds nice to me :>]

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  8. Interesting to see how even Kucinich air brushes away the most unjustifiable and illegal war of all, the attack on Serbia.
    But then it was his vile President, Clinton and the equally vile administration that attacked the Serbs in violation of international law, and the UN and NATO charters.
    The Serbs were defending themselves from real islamic terror, terror from a real terror organisation the KLA, created by the CIA/MI6 directly WITH Osama Bin Laden in Albania, funded and supported by NATO itself,
    Bombing a defenseless civilian population for 78 days and nights – all for the drugs trade and oil pipelines.
    Had something been done about this US/British act of mass murder based on lies maybe 1.3 miliion Iraqis and thousands of Afghans would still be alive today.

  9. Rep.Kucinich is one of the very few voices in Government that has the guts to stand up against the lemmings that make up the rest of our Congress.
    He is not perfect,he needs to read the Constitution and Honor his Oath of office,as all the rest of the Government employees do.They have taken the clause that gives them power to regulate Interstate Commerce and stuck their noses into everything with this loophole.They also need to read the Executive orders that are silently allowed to pass into law with out a peep from any of them.
    Over the years,Executive orders have created a shadow Government with Fema at it’s center that allowa them to take over EVERYTHING in this Country,with one Presidential signature.All transportation,including your car.To force civilians into work brigades with no mention of term of duty or pay.They have allowed the President to amass more power than Hitler,Stalin,even the Caesars did not have this level of control over their Empires.
    Look them up some time.It will scare you nearly to death.They OWN US and EVERYTHING in our Country.
    The Federal Reserve to this point has acted with NO accountability to anyone.We pay this entity interest to print our own money.Look what happened to EVERY President that tried to return our money supply back to America.All have been assasinated! We have benn sold to the highest bidder,America is being sliced up and sold for pennies on the dollar.The Government no longer gives the public the oforeign ownership figures to the Public.Why does Cosco,an arm of the Chinese Military have control of Long Beach Naval Base?Why did we allow them to take control of the Panama Canal? Trust me President Obama got his Marching orders at the Bilderberg Meeting in Virginia during the Primaries.This yearly meeting of the true owners of the world,is at the very least a violation of the Logan Act.Treason is much more likely.Our Country has noreal Military left in our Country,but their are Hundreds of thousands of foreign troops here for “training”.In a state of National emergency, we would see the Blue Helmets of the United Nations Forces,that do not recognise our Constitution and would start by trying to disarm Americans.Most would not speak English so trying to explain the 2nd Amenedment to them would be a bloody affair.Look what China did at Tienamen Square when local troops would not fire on the protesters.They brought in troopd from another part of the Country who spoke a different language and told them tha the protesters were a grave threat to National Security.With all the Swat teans and Federal money and equipment being sent to local law enforcement,all the”Relocation Camps ” already built and manned don’t you think that our elected officials and the nice folks from Fema have something in mind for America? When a Government looks upon it’s own citizens as a threat,you have a Government who no longer represents it’s citizens.You have an “Us or Them” attitude and we are THEM.

    • Robin499
      You are spot on with what’s happening in the U.S. our new Prime Minister is a stooge for these “new world” order people just like Obama.
      Our economy until PM Rudd took office was the only Western country with a budget surplus at the start of the global economic crisis. He has been borrowing money off China to pay for his failed stimulas package and allowing national resources to be sold off to Chinese govt. owned companies.
      Our borders are a joke with Middle East & Sri Lankan “boat people” arriving nearly every day, they get social security from the minute they arrive.
      The right of an honest citizen to own a gun is a lot harder, yet “middle eastern” drug running gang members most of whom arrived here as refugees don’t have any problem buying a hand gun on the black market.
      There appears to be an agenda for Western governments to be destroyed by debt, uncontrolled immigration from the third world, the break down of the family and the moral values of our societies are under constant attack.

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  11. Rep Kucinich has a message that appears bold and peaceable but where does he get the idea that there is any authority in the constitution to allow congress to pass a health care initiative. His is a more benevolent tyranny, but it is tyranny non the less. Our financial system is finished and so is our constitution, so in a sense it doesn’t matter what laws congress passes they all hasten the ultimate demise of our country while enslaving we the people.

    • That’s it on the nose…But What are we going to do about it? Everyone is standing around just waiting with gaping mouths …All talk!

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  13. Kucinich has it backward. The USA was a corrupt country long before it started these wars of aggression, which are simply the latest acts of a long history of US aggression and Imperialism.

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