On Patriots, Scoundrels and Spectators by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
November 28, 2010

We need to define what words actually mean before we should use them in serious discourse. Websters dictionary gives us the following:

Patriot- one who loves, supports and defends his country

Scoundrel- a villain

Villain- one who is wicked or evil

Wicked- harmful or pernicious

Evil- something that causes misfortune, suffering or difficulty

Spectator- one who attends and views an event; an observer

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Latest WikiLeaks release: US cables leak sparks global diplomatic crisis


28 November, 2010

Classified embassy dispatches reveal Saudi king pressed US for military action on Iran and Washington used diplomats to spy on UN

More than 250,000 dispatches reveal US foreign strategies

Diplomats ordered to spy on allies as well as enemies

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KNOW THE FACTS: North Korea lost 30% of its population as a result of US bombings in the 1950s by Michel Chossudovsky


by Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, November 27, 2010

The World is at a dangerous crossroads.

The US is seeking a pretext to wage war on North Korea.

North Korea is said to constitute a threat to Global Security.

From the Truman Doctrine to Obama. The history of the 1950s Korean confirms that extensive war crimes were committed against the Korean people. As confirmed by the statement of General Curtis Lemay:

“Over a period of three years or so we killed off – what – twenty percent of the population.”

North Korea lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of North Korea’s  population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings:

“After destroying North Korea’s 78 cities and thousands of her villages, and killing countless numbers of her civilians, [General] LeMay remarked, “Over a period of three years or so we killed off – what – twenty percent of the population.”1 It is now believed that the population north of the imposed 38th Parallel lost nearly a third its population of 8 – 9 million people during the 37-month long “hot” war, 1950 – 1953, perhaps an unprecedented percentage of mortality suffered by one nation due to the belligerence of another.”

During The Second World War the United Kingdom lost 0.94% of its population, France lost 1.35%, China lost 1.89% and the US lost 0.32%. During the Korean war, North Korea lost 30 % of its population.

These figures of civilian deaths in North Korea should also be compared to those compiled for Iraq  by the Lancet Study (John Hopkins School of Public Health). The Lancet study estimates a total of 655,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, following the US led invasion (March 2003- June 2006).

We call upon the people of  the US, Canada and NATO countries to put pressure on their governments.

A war on North Korea would engulf the entire region.




Michel Chossudovsky,  Global Research, 27 November 2010

1. Curtis Lemay quoted in Richard Rhodes, “The General and World War III,” The New Yorker, June 19, 1995, p. 53.
2. See Brian Willson, Korea and the Axis of Evil, Global Research, October 2006
3. The population of North Korea was of the order of 8-9 million in 1950 prior the Korean war.
US sources acknowledge 1.55 million civilian deaths in North Korea, 215,000 combat deaths. MIA/POW 120,000, 300,000 combat troops wounded. (Wikipedia)
South Korean military sources estimate the number of civilian deaths/wounded/missing at 2.5 million, of which some 990,900 are in South Korea.
Another estimate places Korea War total deaths, civilian plus combat at 3.5 million.

Compilation by estimates:


  • North Korea:
    • NoKo Military
      • 130,000 KIA (Pentagon: ¼ “KWM”)
      • 294,151 (Nahm93)
      • 214,899 KIA + 101,680 MIA (Wallechinsky; Clodfelter, citing [“highly suspect”] Defense Dept. est.) [=316,579]
      • 316,579 (COWP)
      • 350,000 (Rummel)
      • 520,000 (Small & Singer, FAS)
      • [MEDIAN: 316,579]
    • NoKo Civilian
      • 406,000 killed + 680,000 missing (Nahm93)
      • Up to 1,000,000 (Wallechinsky; Clodfelter)
      • 1,185,000 (Rummel)
      • [MEDIAN: 1,000,000]
    • NoKo Military + Civilian
      • 500,000 (Britannica)
      • 700,000 (Dictionary of 20C World History)
      • 926,000 (Compton’s)
      • 1,316,579 (Wallechinsky; Clodfelter)
      • 1,380,151 (Nahm93)
      • 1,535,000 (Rummel)
      • [MEDIAN: 1,316,579]



Russia Today interview of Michel Chossudovsky

video no longer available

Michel Chossudovsky: The US rather than North Korea is a Threat to Global Security – Russia Today, May 28, 2010

North Korea has announced it will sever all ties and communication with the South in retaliation for what it calls a smear campaign over the sinking of a South Korean warship in March.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Seoul for talks on the escalating row.

An international investigation has found that Pyongyang fired the torpedo which sank the warship, killing 46 sailors.

South Korea has called on the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions on its neighbor.

Pyongyang has also threatened military action against the South, claiming Seoul’s navy trespassed into the disputed waters of the Yellow Sea.

An international investigation found that Pyongyang fired the torpedo which sank the warship, killing 46 sailors.

Michel Chossudovsky, the head of the Center for Research on Globalization, an independent Canadian think tank, argues that North Korea is more prey than a predator.

“North Korea is portrayed in the international media as a threat to global security, but there is absolutely no evidence to that effect. On the other hand, North Korea is the only country in the world that has lost up to a quarter of its population in recent history [during the Korean War, when the North Korean population was wiped out by US bombings],” Chossudovsky told RT.

© Copyright Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 2010

The url address of this article is: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=22131


U.S. looking for a fight by Bruce Gagnon

North Korea: A Bastard State By Timothy V. Gatto

The Sinking of the Cheonan, too Weird to Make Up By Timothy V. Gatto

“There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.”


Tarpley: US using Korea to make money

U.S. looking for a fight by Bruce Gagnon

by Bruce Gagnon
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Organizing Notes
Nov. 28, 2010

The Advent vigils (four weeks in a row) began today at Bath Iron Works (BIW) here in Maine. BIW is the place where Navy Aegis destroyers are built that are presently being used as part of the U.S.-South Korea (ROK) war games which are bumping up against the coastline of North Korea. I noticed that the USS Cowpens is a part of this U.S. naval battle group that is being led toward North Korea by the aircraft carrier named the USS George Washington.

I know about the USS Cowpens because it was the ship that fired the first shot (cruise missiles) in the 2003 U.S. shock and awe attack on Iraq. I know this because the woman who was driving the USS Cowpens at that historic moment has become a friend of our family and was at our home for Thanksgiving just two days ago.

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North Korea: A Bastard State By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Nov. 28, 2010

Everyone that reads my articles knows that I abhor war in all its forms. Then again, anyone that has kept up with me knows that I have a particular dislike for the nation of North Korea. In my articles I have stressed over and over that it’s not Iran, Afghanistan or Iraq that the U.S. should be worried about, it’s North Korea. This situation that we find ourselves in that part of Asia is our entire fault. We could have helped South Korea become a viable threat to North Korea instead of turning it into a “proxy State” that not only does the bidding of the U.S., but relies on the U.S. Military. We should have made them self-sufficient.

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