Gareth Porter: Bush Admin Didn’t Pursue Bin Laden Post 9/11

with Gareth Porter
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6 May, 2011

“In fact, Osama bin Laden is a pilot of Americ...

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Article: U.S. Refusal of 2001 Taliban Offer Gave bin Laden a Free Pass by Gareth Porter

[…] But Bush brusquely rejected any talks on the Taliban proposal, declaring, “They must have not heard. There’s no negotiations.”

Bush rejected the Taliban offer despite the fact that U.S. intelligence had picked up reports in the previous months of deep divisions within the Taliban regime over bin Laden. It was because of those reports that Bush had authorised secret meetings by a CIA officer with a high-ranking Taliban official in late September. […]

on May 5, 2011

Gareth Porter: Bush admin “had no plan by design” to kill or capture bin Laden

Bush Admin Didn’t Pursue Bin Laden Post 9/11

Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist specialising in U.S. national security policy. The paperback edition of his latest book, “Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam”, was published in 2006.


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