Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders is Lending Credibility to a Party That is Completely Corporatized, interviewed by Ralph Nader

Bernie Sanders - Painting

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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader Radio Hour
July 11, 2015

Ralph and acclaimed journalist/author Chris Hedges talk about why the American people need to revolt and MIT professor and globalization expert Dr. Nicholas Ashford talks to us from Greece about what is really going on over there.


[Same interview on video]

Chris Hedges, Dr. Nicholas Ashford

Ralph Nader Radio Hour on Feb 23, 2018

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18 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders is Lending Credibility to a Party That is Completely Corporatized, interviewed by Ralph Nader

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  9. I always enjoy hearing Chris talk. Loved his book “Death Of The Liberal Class.” I’ve got another by him that I haven’t read it.

    I take Norman Solomon’s point that Bernie is not talking about foreign policy. So many Americans have a need to follow somebody, anybody. And so they have latched onto Bernie. And they don’t want to know anything bad about him, apparently. That’s not helpful.

    Our first leaders’ debate here in Canada was deeply depressing. I’m still assembling my blog post on that sorry event. Elizabeth May shone, alone. The other three are pathetic and frightening.

    But I thought that if Bernie can talk about foreign policy, then our Canadian ‘Bernie’ (who I don’t think is as decent as Bernie, who I don’t think is the real deal, so…), namely Thomas Mulcair, can also do so. Even when NATO and Ukraine came up for discussion, the leaders ran from it. Elizabeth didn’t say much, but what she said was correct. Perhaps Paul Wells, the rightwing moderator, wouldn’t have permitted any in depth discussion of foreign policy. I don’t know. It was a category however.

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  13. Dandylion

    Thank you. Puts it perfectly for me. None of the (ahem cough) “Socialists” who are supporting Bernie “Folds Like A Cheap Suit” Sanders can answer this point

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