Chris Hedges: Sanders Gave Up His Historical Moment + No More War Protesters Disrupt Panetta’s Speech + Jill Stein at Socialist Convergence

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Sanders will not have ‘outsized influence’ in Clinton administration – FishTank

with Chris Hedges

RT America on Jul 27, 2016

What is the Republican take on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) thus far? RT America’s Lindsay France is at the DNC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and speaks to Republican strategist Adam Goodman, who observes “there is no real unity yet” among Democrats at the convention. Then, Chris Hedges, host of On Contact, joins FishTank and argues that, despite Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton, he would have not have an “outsized influence” in a potential Clinton presidential administration.

[Hedges begins at 5:30]


“No More War”: Protesters Disrupt Ex-CIA Director Leon Panetta’s DNC Speech

Democracy Now! on Jul 28, 2016 – Protests on the floor of the convention continued on Wednesday. They reached a peak when former CIA Director Leon Panetta took the stage. While Panetta was criticizing Donald Trump’s appeal to the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, many delegates started chanting “No more war!” We hear Panetta’s remarks and speak to a Bernie Sanders delegate who took part in the protest.


Jill Stein Press Conference at Socialist Convergence in Philly 27th July 2016

Jill Stein for President Booster Club on Jul 28, 2016

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5 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Sanders Gave Up His Historical Moment + No More War Protesters Disrupt Panetta’s Speech + Jill Stein at Socialist Convergence

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  4. The big shiny machine is unstoppable…uh, well actually not so. The machinery may be slick and overwhelming, but, the glaringly obvious is still being ignored ~ the total mismatch of agency, intention, necessity and function.

    Consider an absurd example: say you lived in a bohemian garret but inherited a jet plane. Where would you keep it, and how could you possibly ever use it? Would you even have the wit or the means to sell it, give it away or store it elsewhere? Or you dwell in a mountain ~ have I got a great yacht for you!

    The US system is like a useless gigantic toy unfit for purpose. Impressive, glitzy, garish but functionally inadequate, misplaced, dangerous & irrelevant. The world needs enlightened change not more demagogic fatuity. Have we just completely forgotten Lester Brown’s Plan B?

    How can these clowns just blatantly ignore qualitative analysis that the best brains, think-tanks & educational/research institutions can & have delivered, by pretending we are all part of an absurd ‘participatory’ democratic process? I mean, this car-crash, big-top, revivalist TV show is ludicrous.

    US politics is personality masquerade, not a shred of living empirical truth (notwithstanding a few burps from Bernie) except from the Greens. The breakdown (actually, absence) of intelligent public philosophical discourse, suggests a total collapse of natural reason. The mainstream brands are simply enthusiastically peddling their own demise ~ paddling upstream to nowhere. The so-called micro% elites are not elites at all, they are criminally profane parasites, occupying ‘their’ preciously dysfunctional, maverick-fantasy machine.

    The true elite, is made up of a relatively small number of intelligent, enlightened, activist change agents who have the real solutions and the real brains and will, to get to work. This election is a fraud, a joke and an international hazard. The best we can do, barring a miracle of epic proportions, is prepare for the inevitable disaster that is ahead. It is like witnessing that slow-motion suspension of time as a spectral catastrophe unfolds before our inner eye.

    The wisest advice is to stay clear of the wreckage; seek a better alternative, either from elsewhere or at least from a broader perspective ~ plan x version whatever. The next ‘administration’ no matter its appearance or ‘gender,’ will be conducting the music of doom. The score is grim, the playbook fixed. Never mind the seat-belts America….get out of the vehicle!

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