John Pilger: Hillary Clinton May Well Turn Out To Be One Of The More Dangerous Presidents

World War 3 - XV

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TheRealNews on Nov 2, 2016

Journalist John Pilger tells Paul Jay that the very real prospect of another World War is not being taken seriously by the American media.


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16 thoughts on “John Pilger: Hillary Clinton May Well Turn Out To Be One Of The More Dangerous Presidents

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  14. Clinton’s obsequious pentagonal relationship with Israel…yes, John Pilger exquisitely understates it ~ exactly so. No mystery there, whichever zionist ‘wingnut’ is officially “orchestrating” the six-pointed blue (gas) agenda.

    I think we need to consider the two great (almost archetypal) theatres/ers of war that are symbiotically entangled in this emergent yin-yang scenario. As John makes pellucid, provocation is a lethally high-risk bluff, because despite the tactical restraint of those on the receiving end, it entails a far greater hazard, that of error, a terrible mistake or an out-of-control hardcore over reaction.

    In the first instance, let’s evaluate the Russian sphere. As even a rudimentary grasp of terrestrial geography makes obvious, the way to Russia lies through Canada; that is essentially part and parcel of the same Arctic regional ecosystem that reaches down into Europe (& the Middle-east) and to some degree into the Far-east. Hence the cold-war DEW Line.

    Strategically ~ ie in terms of localized surface geodesics ~ China translates as the entire Pacific area ~ all the way to the S. Pole & into the Indian Ocean & the Asian Subcontinent. What needs to be addressed here is the virtual irrelevance of China’s actual territorial boundaries.

    The Chinese ‘Peoples’ Republic,’ historically limited to their Middle-kingdom is a serious liability to any conquering force. Who in their right mind would want to inherit such a super-sized migraine, especially if severely irradiated?

    No; the real prize our beloved nuclear-hegemonic WA/Wall St “investor-clique” lusts after, is the wealth of Africa ~ and the Hispanic Americas (where China has made ‘inscrutable’ gains to undermine the Monroe doctrine…) extending its subtle financial influence to gain control of invaluable essential resources ~ “global” resources, especially Africa’s, that the entire Middle-east is desperately in need of.

    I suspect, were it not for China’s pragmatic need for US trade, they could & might swiftly compromise the entire economic order; so when we think of a Chinese ‘first strike’ we should bear in mind its multiple potential inferences and seismic implications for the dollar junkies.

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