Abby Martin: Russia’s Transformation From an American “Colony” to it’s “Number One Threat”

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Jan 23, 2017

The increased aggression towards Russia from US politicians and media is made more clear when taking into account the real history of the post-Soviet period. The hidden story of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency explains how deeply the US government, along with Western capitalist institutions, cheered, shaped and exploited the country after the fall of the Soviet Union, paving the way for the political system they all condemn today.

To uncover just how much the US Empire has interfered in Russia’s political evolution, Abby Martin interviews Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.”

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7 thoughts on “Abby Martin: Russia’s Transformation From an American “Colony” to it’s “Number One Threat”

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  3. Mark seems a bit weak on the analysis front. There’s a gap in his narrative between the Putin who is Yesltsin’s man (and by extension no threat to the West) and Putin who does things, like Syria, that disturbs the world’s ruler.

    If you are anti-establishment and your talking about Boris Yeltsin’s role in destroying Russia and you do ‘not’ mention Jeffrey Sachs-? Is Mark a friend of Sachs or something?

    Today, We don’t have to imagine ways that Trump may become hostile to Putin and vice versa. HR 5732 ( is practically a declaration of war on Russia (and definitely a declaration of the US’s intention to hand over besieged Syrians to terrorists), unless Trump has cut a deal with the murderous Putin that we don’t know about. I like Putin’s nationalism, with major qualification, but anyone who gladhands with the likes of nazi Netanyahu loses my vote of support.

  4. Those Clintons just lap up their ersatz imperial purple don’t they? So pious; so utterly fake, totally artificial.

    Any way, what an eye-opening interview. The clincher will be how Putin faces off over US/global indigenous rights, because, for sure this is the ‘one straw revolution’ that will bust Trump’s stupid ass ~ never mind the stubborn camels!

    • what matters David is simply this : Putin and Trump will sit down and work together . We really live in a red scare Neo Mccarthyism here . my Democratic party friends are actually falling for it . i try to talk to them and they have become demogogues / fear mongering . it is all around me with no evidence .

      it matters not what we think about Putin and Trump . it only matters that they work together and nip this red scare lie in the bud . Trumpster is in to the art of the deal big time . and he doesnt give a damn what anyone thinks .

      as Jullian Assuange said about Trump – no body owns him . and no one owns Putin . i think Trump should just invite Putin to the White House . Just give the middle finger to all of these Mccarthyites .

      • I’m more or less on the same page Rocket, only I think it’ll all get very complicated once the Russia, Iran and Turkey entente gets entangled with Trump’s lunatic infatuation with zionist supremacy ~ also it seems to have escaped the notice of the mainstream that renewables are now economically outperforming hydrocarbons ie oil & gas plus nuclear…so all Trumps that pipeline dreams are already way past their sell by.

        So far as this red-scare gibberish is concerned I totally agree. This interview is very helpful; as so much of this hyper-toxic engineered paranoia dates back to the US intervention in Ukraine. The bigger the lie etc…and so on ad nauseam.

        It seems to me, the most reactionary powers are all chasing after phantoms, largely figments of their own (retrograde) poverty of political imagination and myopic perversity. China’s new 5 year plan is all about ecological civilization….so much remains to be seen.

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