Abby Martin: Corporate Lobbyists Use Intimidation, Not Bribery

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Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Mar 1, 2018

With the US mass shootings epidemic claiming 17 more lives at a school in Florida, there has been a nationwide outcry against multi-million-dollar lobbying by the National Rifle Association. But how the NRA, and other corporate giants, wield power and influence over the US government is mostly concealed by the very laws meant to strengthen democracy.

With congressional researcher James D’Angelo, Abby Martin explores the magnitude of corporate domination over Congress, and it impacts on the working class.

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18 thoughts on “Abby Martin: Corporate Lobbyists Use Intimidation, Not Bribery

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  10. This is the post that I attempted to share in a few Facebook Groups, but FB marked it as Spam! Now, I’m restricted from posting into FB Groups until Sunday!

    • What struck me in this conversation is that, “we are voting for the elites”.

      In my country we inherited, “halelien tal-glekk”, meaning that, “we are ruled by the jacket and tie brigade”. Their interests are not our interest.

      It is no longer tolerated to talk working class where from we used to derive our protection from greedy capitalists. And now such people are extinct.

      We are all happily brainwashed to think that now we are middle class aspiring to the next best thing and join the elite.

      We are paying a price for being naive.

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