Chris Hedges, Kali Akuno and Richard Wolff: Lenin: His Works’ Pertinence Here and Now, Left Forum 2019


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Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges, Kali Akuno and Richard D. Wolff

Left Forum 2019

A century ago, Lenin led the world’s first revolution against capitalism that successfully established a new and different government and society, the USSR. Lenin’s work before, during and shortly after that revolution left a legacy of insights, strategies, and programs. This panel aims to highlight and discuss some of the most pertinent aspects for today of Lenin’s life and work. We intend to include time for audience participation and discussion.

OpenUnivoftheLeft on Jul 1, 2019

Left Forum 2019, Lenin: His Work’s Pertinence Here and Now, Dr. Richard D. Wolff, Chris Hedges, Laura Flanders, Kali Akuno, LIU Brooklyn, 6-28-2019, New York City, New York

[Hedges begins at 4:42 minutes into the video; Akuno begins at 28:25; Wolff begins at 43:14; Q&A begins at 1:11:29]

Transcript: The Dilemma of Vladimir Lenin by Chris Hedges

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