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End the Endless Wars!

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Sent to DS from Hakim in Afghanistan.


Oct. 6, 2010

“Look, the whole world is upside down and considers itself smart & kind,
but look at its wars and wars,
and its inability to build anything.”
15 year old Ali

We all sense that something is not quite right about the Afghan conflict, about our foundational responses to ‘terror’, about our global grasp of fear & anger.

But we do not pursue that sense.

Rather, we follow the same routines and the same vision-poor ways of thinking to the end of each dissatisfactory day and comfort ourselves that ‘we’ve probably done ALL that we reasonably can’.

But this stagnant comfort does not endear our souls to the souls of the million others.

As we perfunctorily do things today like we did yesterday, after having proved our general unhappiness throughout the whole of yesterday, we remain unchanged.

We remain sad.

This comfort dis-empowers us with the dogma ( Oh! Who has forced this dogma on our free wills? ) that inequality and violence MUST be the lot of the masses in our system, risking the guess that our systems hold some mysterious and almost divine ‘goodwill’. It is a historical stubborn-ness in the ‘goodwill’ of Power.

Afghans get estranged from goodwill as of day 1, from birth. At conception, they immediately struggle to enter the worst country on earth to be born in, perhaps then immediately losing their beloved mothers to the 2ndhighest maternal mortality. When they grow in understanding, they hear the judgment of self-deified religious icons elsewhere stating with professed ‘pity or love’ that ‘‘just too bad, hell immediately awaits your terrorist souls.”

Today, Obama from Bush, Cameron from Gordan, Sarkozy, Rassmusen and his NATO baby, Staffan de Misturawith a UN distracted from their original charter, and Osama with his ideological clones, bask in the complicit media glare as lords of ‘freedom’, while 30 million Afghans ( minus the Afghan elite parroting the coalition ) are pinned upside-down.

Not that these leaders want impoverished Afghans to be strangled or drone-shattered or robbed of everything they should own ‘cos they would never want that for their own families, but that every system’s group-think defends only itself and its ‘collateral’ wealth.

We the people passively cushion them in their seats. Unthinkably, we submit our herd-praise to them for robbing us, thus authorizing them as our ‘smart and kind’ agents.

We’re taught that there is NO alternative realism except the privileged words offered by the ‘chosen’; helplessly, we accept this suffocating philosophy. We keep the ‘small people’ out of mind and often, unknowingly, we watch them as they’re ‘extinguished’.

Our emptiness deepens partly because we are not sufficiently involved in those of us who get the worst scraps in the excesses of our systems.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I pray that we would awaken now upon a renewed & rigorous commitment to the concerns of all fellow human beings, and turn this disconnect around. That we would follow our sense that destroying our own human kind is fratricide.

I pray that we would appreciate everything from its origins, and not from the appearances of Names, and then, to pursue the reform of everything.

I pray for courage to un-name our coalition’s apparent goodwill, because we sense that we’re not willing to live incongruent lives after all, that such blind power originates not in cosmetic goodwill but in our deathly self-interest.

I pray that we’ll then be free to listen to pain, to excise greed, to despise hate and to tame our desperate violence.

I pray that we’ll then not merely examine the facts, but recover their kinder meanings, and thus with hope, to finally abandon our Names.

Our manufactured Names of goodwill.

ourjourneytosmile | October 05, 2010

Unnaming our system’s goodwill in Afghanistan


Friends can change us, as the Afghan mountains ask us to

September 28, 2010

Friends can change us, as the Afghan mountains ask us to

Dear friends,

We believe that “Friends can change us, as the Afghan mountains ask us to”

Also watch Native Americans walking together with Afghans ( created by Raven Redbone in Olympia Washington USA ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Io7Kr…

‘Mountains cannot reach mountains, only Man can reach Man.’
Afghan proverb
Our Peace Trek in the Hindu Kush

“When I get tired, I come back to the mountains.”
“When I see my friends & my family, anger, hate & fear in my heart changes towards friendship.”
15 year old Abdulai

Love and peace,
Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers


U.S. And NATO To Wage War 15-Year War In Afghanistan And Pakistan by Rick Rozoff