An Open Letter to Michael Moore by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
November 3, 2010

This note is not just for you Michael. It is also for the progressive minded pundits that you rub elbows with. It is time to LET GO OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! I sat last night and watched you and John Nichols with Laura Flanders and Amy Goodman. The election results were streaming in trumpeting a bloodbath for the Democrats. I sat forward in my chair, awaiting the truth of it all: That the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for what transpired! You seemed at times, Michael, to want to just shout that out. Yet, along with the others ( including Thom Hartmann and his panel earlier) , as a group you all seemed to have hope for these hypocrites and sellouts! Am I being too rash? Sorry, but as a progressive small businessman and activist leader, I reached my breaking point in 2007. The Democrats regained control of the Congress and did ….NOTHING substantial regarding key issues

Michael, I love your films and your chutzpah. You usually speak truth to power. Yet, last night you behaved like the man whose wife keeps going out and cheating on him. Instead of finally putting his foot down and saying ‘ Enough is enough ‘ , he keeps taking her back after she squirts some tears of remorse his way. Been there did that Michael, with a previous love interest and with the Democrats. The more they bull**** us and promised us ‘ hope and change ‘ we would keep voting for them. Each time we showed great disappointment, all they needed to do ( as with this election ) is play the ‘ Lesser of two evils fear card. Yet, as you revealed in your latest film, we are talking about survival here Michael. The survival of our citizens to be able to have employment, shelter and a safety net has already come to an end. Sadly, these Democrats had the power for 3 plus years to make a difference, and did squat!

Do me a favor Michael, and share this with Amy and the others: Stop using the phrases ‘ WARS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN ‘ ! There are no wars going on…. Only occupations. Perhaps if we who disdain what our nation has done to those two countries in our name used the word occupation , more Americans would begin to ‘ get it ‘ . Thus, we have a Democratic party that not only supports these machinations of empire, but continues to vote for the spending that this Military Industrial Complex needs so as to operate with impunity! Mr. Obama may be a nice guy and all that, but…. He is simply a servant of empire the same as Junior Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan , Carter, Ford, Nixon , LBJ and even JFK ( until he got ‘ born again humane ‘ and they finished him off ) . His party, with but a handful of exceptions, follows lock step behind the Fat Cats who run our corporations and the Pentagon.

Last night they mentioned the ( so called ) Health Care reform bill. What reform? It was, from day one, a sellout to the private insurers and the health care industry. Goodness Michael, you said so in both of your last two films. Obama received 21 million to McCain’s 7 + million in donations from the health care industry, yet you supported Obama? We had a Green Party candidate that agrees with you most likely 99% , plus we had a candidate named Nader…. Remember him? You worked tirelessly for Ralph in 2000, as did yours truly… And I live in Florida! When you went on Al Franken’s radio show in 2001 , he put you on the phone with Al Gore and said ” Have anything to say to Al, Michael? ‘ Your retort was simply ‘ You won Al ! ‘ Michael, you knew the hypocrisy of the Democrats like Franken who blamed we Nader supporters for that election result. We both know that it was not Nader in Florida that made Gore lose. Rather it was the platform of the Democrats that once again offered little difference on key issues to the Republicans ( It was Clinton , with Larry Sommers running interference, who helped to repeal the Glass – Steagall Act , opening the door for Wall Street to go wild ) . Anyhow, getting back to health care reform and all that, the whole bill and the issue around it is a red herring. The bill is a lie and a scam that allows private interests to **** we working folks. Without a strong public option to buy into a ‘ Medicare for Anyone Who Wants To ‘ system, folks like my family ( who earn over $ 65 k a year ) still cannot afford health coverage So, how in the hell can the rest of Americans afford to pay $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 annually for mediocre coverage?

Need I go on Michael? You know that we both know how sinister the DLC and DNC is. This party actually refused to filibuster the appointments of justices Roberts and Alito. I had to read a book recently to find out the truth about Roberts. He was the ‘ golden boy ‘ nominee if you recall. The Democrats treated this punk as a hero. Yet, it was Roberts, while a lawyer for the Reagan Justice Dept., who actually drafted the original Unitary Executive protocol. His draft was so outrageous that even Attorney General Ed Meese took Roberts off the project. For those reading this who do not know, the Unitary Executive protocol ( which to me is unconstitutional ) is when the president signs a bill into law rather than using his veto, and then issues a Signing statement. In this statement the President says, point blank, something like ‘ I signed this bill but will not enforce the new law.” Great democracy we have Michael. Finally, how about our current Vice President, Joe Biden, when he was the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee? During the hearings regarding the appointment of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General the whole civilized world knew that Gonzales was instrumental in creating the protocols to allow torture. He, along with Jay Bibee and John Yoo ( one now a judge and the other a professor- do you believe it? ) Circumvented the Geneva Accords that were in effect for over 50 years. Biden sat there and said something like ‘ I just want you to know that I like ya and I am probably going to vote for your confirmation, but I do need to ask you a few pertinent questions… ‘ Biden voted for Gonzales, as did many other hypocrites in his party!

As we always say in sales Michael: “Some of the best deals we make are the ones we don’t make.” Give it up kiddo and stand with we true progressives to reject this 2 party scam.

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is an activist leader and free lance columnist. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 200 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at, or at his own blog at Philip can be reached at


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  6. In order to have a proper (let alone properly progressive) third party, there have to be some adjustments made to the voting laws, the electoral college, etc. But of course you’d need to first have properly progressive candidates, and of course a properly progressive electorate. None of this exists.
    It’s not Moore’s fault, it’s the people’s fault.

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