The Gitmos: Monsanto Boogie

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CornFlu on Feb 11, 2014


Image by ianmackenz via Flickr

Lyrics below.

Music by: The Gitmos.
Video produced by: Marshall J. Baumgartner
Concept by: The Gitmos and Marshall J. Baumgartner
Director of Photography: Derik Savage
Additional camera: Christina Reid
Additional cast:
Craig Willis Bell as Dr. Frankenfood
Claude Bell, Dr. Doomtone, and Thee Almighty Rev. Dan as the doctor’s family.
Special thanks to Nichole Ossim

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You’ve got to buy our seed because our seed is all you need
Organic’s not the way to go, and we don’t care if your organs bleed
We control the food supply —We control the world
The science is so plain you see, who cares about human history
Profit-driven market domination is our game
We are Monsanto

We’ve grown to be so, so big, we filed patents for the pig
We’ve got farms on every continent. Our lobby money is well spent
We have a team of lawyers to take all that you own
Should you decline to plant our seed, ’cause nothing beats our corporate greed
Dominate the food supply and make you all our slaves
We are Monsanto
That’s Monsanto

We’ve got immunity
From Lawsuits, don’t you see?
The revolving door at the FDA
Means Round Up Ready is here to stay

We will write the policies. We will get the votes
We’ll have the courts overturn the legislation you wrote
You can try and kick us out, but in the end you’ll shout

Some countries try to kick us out, but in the end they shout

You’ve contaminated our heirloom seeds and killed all our bees with your frankenfood genetics


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