Chris Hedges: Coup in Venezuela is an Open Violation of International Law

Chris Hedges: Coup in Venezuela is an Open Violation of International Law

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RT America on Feb 4, 2019

RT host and former NYT reporter Chris Hedges joins In Question to weigh in on the ongoing coup in Venezuela, how foreign governments are meeting in Canada to discuss how to oust Maduro, the likelihood of a major global conflict surrounding Venezuela and why the New York Times has supported U.S.-led coups.

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  9. Why is Chris Hedges not representing us at some level of government? He one of the most intelligent Americans I have ever heard speak, write, and address a broad range of issues. Big fan here.

    • I would add there have been no presidents of this country, with the possible exception of Carter who gave a crap about moral or ethical or legal. We got our start with genicide of native people and that has continued on to this day.

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