by Hakim
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Sept. 9, 2013


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ourjourneytosmile·Aug 11, 2013

Imagine a world free of borders!
All human beings live under the same blue sky.
The sky has no borders! It has no borders…
It’s time that all Mexicans become more socially aware, & go out on the streets like this. Political parties & religions don’t matter anymore. Mexico matters & we as human beings matter.
South Koreans protest against a U.S. military base on Jeju Island
London students oppose education cuts
Chile students ask for free university education
Montreal students in Canada protest university fee hikes
Spanish Indignados “We are not goods..”
“Idle No More!” Movement – the indigenous people of Canada dance in a shopping mall
People in Ningbo, China protest against a chemical plant
“This is not only possible, but necessary.” Tree villagers in Texas block Keystone Oil Pipeline
I feel that I need to do everything I can to stop climate change & to stop the environmental damage in general. We need to transform society so that it’s actually sustainable.
Japanese in Fukushima protest against nuclear power
“I had no words.” Ross Sea, Antarctica — “The Last Ocean”
Nothing could have prepared me for the flood of emotion when I saw them for the first time.
The sky has no borders!
The Afghan Peace Volunteers protested the NATO killing of 2 Afghan kids tending to their cows.
We are those two Afghan children
We want peace!
We cleaned and took a stand around a bomb crater.
We’re dreaming & working, the border-free sky beckons to all: dance, resist, love!
There are many problems in Afghanistan & the world today.
My mother is sick & I need to take her to Pakistan.
I’m worried about encountering problems at the border.
How I wish for a world without borders!


Two Afghan Children Killed Tending Their Cattle by NATO

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  6. A border free world is a Ceo Wall street’s wet dream . it is also the WTO,and IMf ‘s goal . only the Sovernty of the Nation state can prevent slave labor and enviromental decimation on a grand scale. The city state historically and the nation state have been THE bulwark against Empire.

    this poem -free verse is John Lennon babble . Imagine what ? more oppression ? not on my watch . progressives need to wake up and resist this utopian nonsense that will end in a distopian nightmare.

    but of course todays progressives probabaly dont even know who george orwell is .

    you want a place without brorders? do you really ? it is the kingdom of heaven within you …if indeed it is within you . the rest is corporatese demogogury . the multinationals want nothing better to exploit cheap labor. So they will endorese this trype.

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