Alison Weir: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel (must-see)

Destruction in Gaza, 27 July

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talkingsticktv on Aug 1, 2014

Talk by Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew and author of the book Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel recorded July 30, 2014 at the Common Good Cafe at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.


The violence didn’t begin with the three abducted Israeli settlers

If Americans Knew
July 21, 2014
Updated: August 1, 2014

Since Israel began its latest offensive “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8, 2014, 1,492 Palestinians and 65 Israelis have been killed (the numbers continue to grow). Although the media is largely portraying Israel’s actions as defensive, violence in the region did not begin with the kidnapping and murder of the three Israel settlers on June 12, 2014. In fact, Israel has been kidnapping and murdering Palestinian adults and youth on a regular basis for decades (read about how the conflict was started), yet this is rarely covered in U.S. news.



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  8. Richard, Americans have to learn exactly the same truths that Israelis do. The USA historically has been a highly racist society and its laws have been and are racist. Including the US Constitution. They legalized slavery, segregation, and currently imprison millions of people, the majority of whom are non-White.

    The reason that Americans identify with Israel is because it exemplifies and legitimates American history. This is largely done implicitly and unconsciously since Americans tend to be politically naïve, I mention no names. The pretense currently is that Americans are Colorblind, but this is merely a ideological mask for hiding the institutional racism that corrupts the entire American power system.

  9. Zionism is a mask by which the tyranny of liberal capitalism enslaves mankind. The biggest lie is that the Jewish people are to blame . They are human sheilds used as cover by the puppet masters. They will again be sacrificed by the next anti christ as the scapegoats.

  10. I do not know why those who set up the state of Israel didn’t demand it to use American type laws with equal rights for all. The UN should demand Israel to give all its citizens the same laws and rights jews and non-jews. How could anyone think that non-jews would live under these laws.

  11. my grandparents were killed by the Nazis in the holocaust and I’ve constantly wondered how Jews after such a racist disaster could, only a few decades later, build an apartheid state. It occurs because a ruling class of a geo-race has power interests conflicting with the general population.

    Jews have gone into business and financé and a few have become billionaires. of the 10 banks that mostly own the fed, all except the Rockefellers are Jewish. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, the government owned corporations were given to gangsters who became billionaires, 7 out of 9 them Jewish. They were given the corporations for pennies on the dollar by Summers and other Jewish economists and businessmen in the Clinton administration. Many of the oligarchs supporting the Nazis in Ukraine are Jewish.

    The Jewish billionaires, led by the Rothchilds, financed the creation of Israel. The Zionist leaders had a liberal façade but pursued fascist policies, spelled out by Jabotinsky in THE IRON WALL. Most Jews, myself included, knew none of this, and would have considered it the usual anti-Semitism if told. But some it is true, and we have to learn the historical truth no matter how bitter it is.

  12. Reblogged this on THE ONENESS of HUMANITY and commented:
    While innocent Gazan men, women, and children are being killed NOW, every American must become aware of the true history of the Israel-Palestine conflict. In this powerful and absolutely timely 60-minute talk, Alison Weir delivers that extremely important history.

  13. The madness of mankind is almost incomprehensible, Lo.
    Apparently Haifa is one of the few places where mutual respect and tolerance are actually demonstrably in evidence.
    We are all human beings, race is such a meaningless redundancy. As for vindictive bigotry ~ an unspeakable abuse.
    i have nothing but admiration for those who have the courage to speak out and uphold the truth, those who have the generosity of spirit to defend intelligence and grieve for innocence.
    The horror of Gaza is the last straw.

    • It truly is madness, David.

      I actually stopped being a member of the only Jewish congregation in my town over the rabbi’s overt Zionism and support of Israel which includes soliciting donations to the IDF!

    • Me, too. And that is why I post these videos and articles. More and more Jews from around the world are indeed speaking out/up about the human rights violations and death and destruction by the Israeli government.

        • How harmless rockets are, hell yes, if they did not Israel would have run over them long time ago, now they are because of the newer weapons. They will use atomic bombs if the weather is good to do so, blowing radiation into Mediterranean sea away from Israel.
          Israel and all its people have gone killing mad with power.
          Is their God watching this and judging them after giving back land piece fully. How would any one accept living in a land with to laws one against you and one for jews, I would never live under that would you?
          Any one, not at all.

        • You do realize that Israel has used white phosphorus against the people of Gaza. That is a war crime.

          I don’t think anyone here is condoning the use of rockets, either. Any violence is wrong.

          I highly suggest that you watch the entire video.

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