Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.: The Three Evils of Society: Racism, Militarism and Capitalism (must-see)

Martin Luther King Jr

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

What they truly advocate is Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor.” — Martin Luther King, Jr., Address Delivered at the National Conference on New Politics, August 31, 1967

John Horse on Jan 3, 2015


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8 thoughts on “Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.: The Three Evils of Society: Racism, Militarism and Capitalism (must-see)

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  7. Historic oratory from a truly great American legend and visionary genius.

    We can imagine this stirring voice speaking to us today and spelling out these very truths that still resonate, perhaps even more powerfully now than then. “Guided missiles and misguided men ~ sanity and humanity, a true revolution of values!”

    The old sickening stereotypes persist, born out by the events that make headlines in the capitalist media. The degraded African “primitive” marauding in Cologne; the pernicious oriental menace lurking ready to strike at civilization; the spectral Arab; the savage, therefore better dead, Red Indian; drug-crazed Latino gangsters and anarchic bandits; grubbing Shylocks & Russian tyrants…in other words anyone whose meticulously caged mentality that can pilloried as an easy target to be feared & loathed by the shampooed, pampered, pious & privileged racist elite.

    Welcome to Hollywoodland, where might is “right” ~ America the grave.

    So, if we accept the proposition that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere,” & concur that “segregating” our “moral concerns” is an impossible position to hold, then ~ just what do we finally mean by “justice?”

    Do we really know what form that shall take, or who must shape it?

  8. I would say, more generally, that the three evils are economic subjugation, political brutality, and the ideological untruth that legitimates the subjugation and brutality. But the most historically effective of these is untruth.

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