Chris Hedges and Mark Crispin Miller: Corporate Media’s Hurricane of Propaganda + American Media Wrong On Syria Coverage


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with Chris Hedges

RT America on Apr 16, 2018

Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University, discusses the destruction of the independent press in the United States.

American media wrong on Syria coverage – NYU professor

RT America on Apr 13, 2018

As western media stirs the pot and pushes for strikes on Syria without evidence, NYU Media Studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller calls the coverage ’garbage’ and says it parallels the media narratives preceding the Iraq War.

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21 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Mark Crispin Miller: Corporate Media’s Hurricane of Propaganda + American Media Wrong On Syria Coverage

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  8. If they’ve been hit with the “conspiracy theory” label they should be glad, all they have to do is show the CIA Document 1035-960 and it makes them look stupid. When Frank Church questioned the CIA about putting plants in US newsrooms and was proven right that they did I guess he’s someone a “conspiracy theorist.” That is on the video record. I just heard Scallia say how when people see things on video it become a lot more real, opposed to say a newspaper, because people will always say the writer put some sort of spin on it, etc.

    Like calling someone antisemitic for trying to stop the genocide of Semitic people — Palestinians. They’re just making themselves look stupid when they say these things. It seems to be pretty easy to counter those claims?

  9. I think Miller is right that what is mentioned once or never then buried are the most important. Creative muckraking can put the FBI on the defense and undermine their legitimacy Brian Glick says. The US’s real role in human rights in the world, the number of Nations we’ve invaded, COINTELPRO, depleted uranium, weaponizing space, the missing trillions by the “FED” and Do”D”, and the illegal occupation of Israel and their history I think are the most “sensitive” stories I’ve come across. Most won’t read a book, won’t even watch a documentary. There needs to be a 1 version and 5 minute version of the censored stories and the solutions to them, it’s the only way to reach the most people to get them to take the 20 minutes to go out and vote for Green party candidates. Imagine if enough celebrities got behind a single message and called for a Truth and Reconciliation Process.

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  12. is there anyway to get transcripts for “Chris Hedges and Mark Crispin Miller: Corporate Media’s Hurricane of Propaganda + American Media Wrong On Syria Coverage” and other articles. My DSL is only 22kb (not even 1 mb, think dialup) and I can’t watch videos, DVD’s or listen to CD’s? The aforementioned article was fantastic and truthful and I would love to read others as transcripts. I watch Chris Hedges on RT DISH 280 and really would love to read more of his articles.

    I am sorry to request transcripts here, but there are millions of us in the US with only one internet service provider or none and we’ve been told there never will be any upgrades and anyone moving here cannot sign up for internet service period.

    My apologies for this request. Please reply regardless of your answer. Thank you.

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  14. Chris Hedges is one of my favourite political analyzers. He is intelligent, respectful and cuts to the chase with questions that we all desperately need to ask of ourselves. Much respect for this man…..his book ‘Unspeakable’ is a must read. I highly recommend it and it is a quick read.

      • I really agree Lo, valuable conversation; actually I’m listening again to be sure I’ve absorbed all of it ~ & sharing on Facebook…why not?

        I mean, after all is said and done, even given the serious issues with AgIQ & so on, social media shifts the emphasis away from closed-minded nationalism and corporate oligopoly, and opens up the universal noosphere to cosmopolitan ‘free speech….’

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