Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is Still Voting for Evil

Clinton is a war criminal

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20 thoughts on “Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is Still Voting for Evil

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  13. Jerry, I do not believe that the US progressive movement is at (near) total collapse. However, I think it is more visible at some moments than at others. The movement is highly visible at moments of opportunity (e.g., the Sanders campaign). Occasionally the movement creates its own moments of visibility (e.g., Occupy), but even that generally only can be done when there is an opportunity for it. Rather than just look at these isolated moments, I think it makes sense to look at the long-term trend, and I think the trend is that the movement is growing, even though it is not always visible. The Stein-Baraka campaign apparently is not much of a moment of opportunity, so don’t let its failure bring you down too much. (It’s not a complete failure — they are raising some awareness — but I don’t think they’re likely to actually WIN the election.) We cannot unsee what we have seen. I predict that protests like those of Kaepernick and Standing Rock will grow more frequent and larger. Our day may come. I don’t know when, or in what form, but our day may come.

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  15. What is seriously lacking is people’s ability and daring to think for themselves, to reason, to question and not to take “no” for an answer.

  16. the whole lesser of two evils shame voting propaganda – you need our permission, be good little zombies or else is nothing more than tyranny. pure and simple.

    its the same every four years: this is THE most important election. NOT. Third parties can’t be elected or make a difference. NOT. You owe us your vote. NOT.

    Jesse Ventura said that it is simple: just don’t vote for Democrats and Republicans. Jesse is right. Caligula said, “Oh, how the masses loved to be ruled.” and the beat goes on.

  17. This video’s reasoning will not appeal to some people. You need different lines of reasoning for different people.

    For instance, Ahmad Hassam says in this video, and many of my friends have told me in person, don’t just choose the lesser of two evils, regardless of the statistical likelihood of their getting elected. But many people (including me) are more interested in OUTCOMES than in merely expressing their feelings, and so for them the statistical likelihood DOES matter. For those people I would offer a different line of reasoning:

    If the two evil leading candidates are APPROXIMATELY EQUAL IN EVIL, then there is no “lesser” — just two “greaters” — and there is nothing to be gained from supporting one to block the other. And so you may has well vote for some third candidate, regardless of how unlikely it is that she will win. And if someone tries to tell you that one of the two great evils is less evil, just recount to them some more of that candidate’s evils.

    And by the way, it is NOT TRUE that “only one candidate” intends to do all the wonderful things for which Ahmad Hassam praises Stein — i.e., it is not true that there is “only one candidate” who intends to fight no more wars for oil, etc. Such a stand is also taken by all the candidates of all the many socialist parties. If you ignore all those tiny parties, then you are falling into the “statistical likelihood” reasoning, the very same one that you condemned when it was used to ignore Stein.

    Personally, I am a socialist, but I will nevertheless be voting for Stein. My reasoning is not simple, and I don’t think it should be simple. “Statistical likelihood” is one of the reasons, but only one; I am considering many factors in deciding how to vote.

    Let’s be honest about this. If I had my druthers, I would prefer one of the socialists over Stein. Mimi Soltysik, in particular, has said very explicitly that he would like to “overthrow capitalism.” I have not heard Stein say anything quite like that. So in my view, Stein is a flawed candidate. She is a “lesser lesser evil.” Either she does not understand economics well enough, or she has compromised away some principles in order to win more votes from a nation that also doesn’t understand economics. I consider that compromise with evil to be a pragmatic one, and so I’m voting for Stein.

    • Thanks, leftymathprof, I do agree with you. I found his speech to be more inspirational. He may very well not even be aware that other candidates are running for president, for example, the Socialist Parties candidates (at least 2 in the US). Neither are on my state’s ballot this year.

    • Lefty,
      While your perception is accurate that the young man’s message won’t seem reasonable to some people, that perception serves to illustrate the stupendous challenge for Stein-Baraka to turn this election upside down in the remaining 35 days. Unfortunately the U.S. progressive movement has seemingly given up on Stein and Baraka, evidenced by reading headline after headline, article after article (written by self-described progressives) where the names Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka aren’t even mentioned. Perhaps non-support of Stein and Baraka can be viewed as simply another crazy development in the craziest presidential election in history, but the (near) total collapse of the U.S. progressive movement is difficult to explain. Is it that Stein and Baraka are ahead of their time…

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