Edward Snowden: The Dangers Are Real

NSA the only governmental agency that really listens to the people--DC Rally Against Mass Surveillance

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“Your communications, as they happen largely today, don’t actually take place between you and the person that you are talking to. They happen between you and Facebook, who then provides a copy of it to the person you are talking to, or you and Gmail, who then gives a copy of it to the person that you are talking to and every time these transactions occur through these service providers, they keep a record of it.”

“The law simply has not caught up to the fact that a technological corporation now can indenture entire populations into servitude to the corporate good, rather than to individual or public good.” — Edward Snowden

IET on Jul 13, 2019

ORGCon is hosted by Open Rights Group (ORG). We challenge the government’s mass surveillance programme, protect free expression online and defend digital privacy.

ORGCon is a day of debates, tech demos, workshops and action featuring some of the world’s leading experts in design, journalism, tech policy and activism. This year’s keynote speaker is former cybersecurity intelligence officer Edward Snowden who will speak about the current and future state of mass surveillance in the UK and beyond.

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[Snowden begins at 40:04 minutes into the video; Q&A begins at 57:05.]

Short clip from above talk

Facebook & Google “happy to hand over” user data to govts – Snowden

RT on Jul 13, 2019

Tech giants such as Facebook and Google stack vast amounts of user data which “they are happy to hand over to governments”, according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden speaking to a human and digital rights conference in London via video link from Moscow on Saturday.

“Everything you’ve done, everything you’ve typed into their search box, everything you have clicked on, everything you’ve liked,” said Snowden addressing the audience in the UK Open Rights Group Conference (ORGCON19).

According to Snowden, governments were using this data to target journalists, dissidents, immigrants and other vulnerable individuals to protect their own control.

Suggestions from Dandelion Salad:

  1. Use Epic Privacy Browser
  2. Use OneSearch for your search engine

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