After the Rep Debate: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell + Ron Paul VP Question (videos)

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November 28, 2007


The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate- Ron Paul



15 thoughts on “After the Rep Debate: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell + Ron Paul VP Question (videos)

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  7. Ron Paul is the only one who can make any sense of the mess. No more “holy” wars. Doesn’t our Constitution promise citizens freedom of religion? Who are Americans to force their entire belief system on the rest of the world? Go Ron Paul!

  8. So when does the debate begin? Mitt and Rudy need marriage counselling, McCain would like another crack at Viet Nam,actually believes we can win in Iraq, the Huckster would do well in network marketiing, Freds a decent actor, Ron Paul actually won by default this time. Unless you want yet another puppet president that takes his marching orders from the world bank and global Jibusnesshad, Ron Paul is the only choice. Google him up to hear his views for yourself.

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