Anybody’s Son Will Do (1983; must-see)

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Corporate Greed

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Thanks to Emily Spence for sending this to DS.  Please send this (short link) to anyone you know who may be considering joining the military.  Thank you.

By Bill Willers
20 April, 2010

In 1983, the National Film Board of Canada produced a 57-minute film, “Anybody’s Son Will Do”. Arguably the best anti-war film ever made, and tailored for public television, it scared the hell out of the U.S. military machine, which has done its best to “disappear” it. For years it has been nearly impossible to find a copy, but some kind soul has posted it on YouTube where it can be seen in six segments.


As for “Anyone’s Son Will Do”, DVDs of it should be in every junior high and high school in the country. Parent-teacher associations should have screenings. With any luck, it might get us headed toward a day when a common sight will be bumper stickers “Support Our Peace Makers”.



Anybody’s Son Will Do (1 of 6)


Seven part documentary on war produced in 1983.








Why soldiers get a kick out of killing

By John Horgan
April 23, 2010

Do some soldiers enjoy killing? If so, why? This question is thrust upon us by the recently released video of U.S. Apache helicopter pilots shooting a Reuters cameraman and his driver in Baghdad in 2007. Mistaking the camera of the Reuters reporter for a weapon, the pilots machine-gunned the reporter and driver and other nearby people.


via Why soldiers get a kick out of killing By John Horgan.


Don’t Enlist, But Don’t Just Take My Word For It by Lo

Before You Enlist! (2006) (must-see)

SPIN: The Art of Selling War

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18 responses to “Anybody’s Son Will Do (1983; must-see)

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  11. How could Anyone with even the least pinch of intelligence.. Possibly view and Hear these “Creeps who are Potshotting Just for the Sport of It”and not recognize It was Pure And Simple..Outright murder..a massacre of the Nith Degree ? These “boys’ were surely missing Their Video Games they watched 24/7 before they joined the army .( but Joined to Enjoy shooting real bullets ..missiles..etc. into live human beings.. for Sport. Like Shooting ‘a Pig in a Poke ! ‘ ) These ‘boys’ were thoroughly enjoying their “handiwork of Murder. May none of those who were envolved here..ever Be able to return to this Country..alive. Maimed ..Well… just Maybe. ( for Proof of their Wrong doing. ) For This…This countrys` hidden manipulators.the zionist shadow -guvmt. …must take responsibility for formenting. They are A bunch of Killer-maniacs in full-bloom who are being nurtured by the blood of our children. How , in Gods` Name, can Mothers and Fathers continue ‘sending their Children into other do These abhorrent deeds totally Unfathamable to be reasoned thru . What is Wrong with this Godless Country To Even think this is something condoned by God-fearing peoples Any where ?? Obama… Wake up from your obviously “induced state of slumber.’ and bring our Men this Mayhem can go on another Day. Otherwise, you are responsible for more ‘walking dead Zombies ‘ you have caused our “Men to be turned into than you will ever be forgiven for. vgf ..

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  16. I remember well this Gwynne Dyer Raygun ANTIDOTE; apparently it wore off. Time for a BushCObama BOOSTER! Thanks.

  17. This documentary is one segment of an eight-part series done by Gwynne Dyer on the subject of war, called “War,” and it appeared on both Canadian (all eight segments) and U.S. public television (first seven segments) stations in the early- to mid-`80s.

    I think it once was out on VHS, but has since gone out of print. The book on which the series is based is still available at the usual big outlets.

    There are two other docs of interest on this subject. Frederick Wiseman’s “Basic Training,” and a recent doc on Marine boot camp called, “Ears Open, Eyeballs, Click,” which makes Dyer’s documentary look tame.

    • Thanks for the additional info, montag. The person who uploaded this on Youtube did say that it was “War – Part Two” and that this is from the “Seven part documentary on war produced in 1983.”

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