Rick Rozoff: NATO Includes All Former Fascist Powers in Europe

by Rick Rozoff
Writer, Dandelion Salad
April 18, 2014

Ekaterina Kudashkina
Voice of Russia
April 18, 2014

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said NATO’s building up its presence along its eastern borders. The move was supported by the White House. According to an AP report, Rasmussen said the new NATO deployments are about “deterrence and de-escalation in the face of Russia’s aggressive behavior in Ukraine”, which is not a member of the 28-nation alliance.

Why would NATO get so actively involved in a country which is not a member of the alliance? And how come it has sided with the nazi-installed government, in which the interim vice-premier, minister of defence, minister of agriculture, and minister of environment, belong to a fascist Svoboda party?

Voice of Russia is looking into the US and NATO role in Ukraine crisis with Rick Rozoff, a US journalist covering NATO enlargement and analyst with the Canadian Center for Research on Globalization.



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7 thoughts on “Rick Rozoff: NATO Includes All Former Fascist Powers in Europe

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  5. Call it what you may…globalization, one world government or whatever – the notion that ‘one size fits all’, meaning that all humans should act, think, speak alike is totally laughable and will never get to pass. We are too diverse to even think of accepting this rationale and we will keep pushing against it for as long as we are alive. Remember the old days of China’s Mao…everybody wore blue? Well, we are not about to relinquish our individuality – at least not without putting up a major fight.

  6. This “US Alliance” is dancing with the devil…with two right feet.

    Literally, a precocious “New World” Order imposed (by ideological diktat) on the “Old” World ~ but inadequate to comport itself according to the Oldest, the Most Ancient or the Wisest & most virtuous aspects of those hereditary cultures.

    The United States of the World?

    The problem is there will always be more than a single order of magnitude ~ we can redraw the maps, but it’s harder to reset the (biological) clocks and impossible to model reality.

    We’d best rethink the math; & reconsider the.ontological implications…

    • By “model” I mean, actually “reify” (ie make “real” some purported reality…) by rendering an accurate, precise, forensic “representation” of the truth through words or pictures or some other means.

      Every image however photogenic, is precisely that ~ an instrumental artifact that replicates an approximated direct experience of time

      We must always default to symbols, to forms of cognitive abstraction; or emotional expression through art.

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